Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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A Column On Assistive & 'Boomer' Friendly Technology


When I was 30 years old the warranty on my body ran out. Systems started failing and tech support wasn't a whole lot of help. Re-booting wasn't an option and calls to the manufacturer.... Well let's just say the‘answers' are still a point of discussion. It's not like it was the‘blue screen of death' or anything, but it is chronic... (Multiple Sclerosis). It has caused me to have a different perspective on most things because where I sit.... is in a wheelchair.

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The Sound of One Hand Tapping

Like many of you reading this article, I am the proud servant of a Smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop computer. They keep me pretty well tethered to my work, my friends and the Internet. The problem I have is staying tethered to them. Manual dexterity and grip are not strong suits for people with physical challenges. In fact, I have been told to stay a minimum of 10 feet from my computer keyboard when drinking coffee.


I’ve Only Got Two Hands!


I'm no different than anyone else. When I'm moving around I want to Lee_has_a_handle_on_thingsuse my Smartphone or tablet. The problem is that one hand is usually busy maneuvering the joystick on my power wheelchair. This presents me with a real problem when trying to hang on to my technology. Yeah, the walls, furniture and people I’ve impacted (literally) put me at the same risk level as texting while driving.


Necessity Can Be a Mother….


Enter two inventive guys, Paul Sklar, an attorney specializing in elder law and Scott Cynamon, also an attorney and executive in a recycling company. While in bed recuperating from surgery, Paul tried to run his practice using his cell phone… while flat on his back. After constantly dropping his phone he had what he feels was the “AHA Moment”. Aha, it turns out, took 2 years and 128 versions to develop their product line at Scott Paul Technologies. The ones we have tested are:





The CellHandle™ is a simple thingamabob that attaches and detaches to your phone and many other handheld devices. You attach the self-adhesive base to the phone, wrap the soft Velcro adjustable strap around any finger and you can use your device without fear of dropping it. You can also use it as a kick stand for easy viewing. The CellHandle rotates 360⁰ and can easily fit in your pocket. I use it on my cell phone and my MP3.


MSRP $19.95 In Black Only Replacement parts $3.95




My personal favorite, the e-Handle™ gives me a secure grip on my ehandletablet/e-reader. The 360⁰ rotation comfortably adjusts to my hand whether I’m leafing through a book, browsing the Internet or taking my frustrations out on Angry Birds™. Using the e-Handle™ allows me to use my device longer and with less hand fatigue. It also helps insure its survival as I go cruising around – one hand on the aforementioned joystick.


MSRP $24.95 In Black Only Replacement parts $3.95


ScottPaul Technologies has successfully addressed a need benefiting anyone with a mobile device; even a kid who can’t seem to hold on to his stuff, a teen who seems to have grown a new appendage shaped like a cell phone or the physically challenged.


The ease I get with the e-Handle™ on my tablet allows me to read at a pace I haven’t enjoyed since holding a hardback or paperback book became difficult. The gift certificates I’ve been hoarding are now putting a dent in the ebook market.


We especially like that the product is made in the USA.