Monday, July 22, 2024
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Reviews: Loc8tor & HydraBrush

When we wrote our CES follow up piece we broke down the technology we saw into several categories including one of my favorites, 'Other Stuff'. The products that follow fall well into that category. These products won't make your computer run faster, sharpen the resolution on your flat screen TV or help you take better videos. They might, however, help make your life a little easier or more fun.


The Loc8tor is a combination of small key fob transmitters and a small PDA like receiver. The idea behind the Loc8tor is to attach the small transmitters to items you are likely to loose or misplace, like your keys, your cat or possibly your spouse in a shopping center. We tried two out of three.


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Software Buying Spree

The past year ended with a grand software buying spree. Everyone seems to be buying someone and we’d expect this activity to carry right on into the New Year. In fact, this kind of buying activity often carries within itself a lot of incentives to continuing:


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Predictions for 2003

It’s traditional for industry analysts to end the old year or start the new one with some predictions of what’s likely to lie ahead.  It’s a tradition that’s too tempting to pass up.  So here are some thoughts about 2003.  Save them and you can check them out in a year and see how good our crystal ball might be.


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Enabling On-Demand Computing

IBM invited 46 analysts to its Boulder facility, where amid 505 acres of mile-high-plus Rocky Mountain splendor (and hundreds of prairie dogs), IBM has inaugurated its On-Demand Data Center service; it will be one of four in the U.S. (with others in Raleigh, St. Louis, and Southbury, CT) plus eight outside the U.S.


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Predictions for 2004

This past year has been a time of reorganization and consolidation. We've seen numerous companies acquired (a good briefing on this can be found on Amy Wohl's Opinions Newsletter), which was heartening considering how the year's economy started out. We have seen shifts in strategy to accommodate the marketplace. Some showed potential (e.g. Novell makes strong Linux move and acquires SuSE, some showed suicidal tendencies (SCO's lawsuits).

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