Monday, July 22, 2024
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A New Direction

We're going to adopt a slightly new focus to the Int2View website. While there is a plethora of sites and reviews available for everything new and shiny to appeal to the younger generations little is being devoted to the folks over 50. We are going to try to help balance that with a focus on "Boomer Tech". These are devices that are as current as is available but will or could have a special appeal to the older generations. It may be as simple as the newest 5G cellphone that happens to have features that make navigating it convenient (even for those whose thumbs no longer move at 60mph). It may be more specialized features that will appeal to those less adept or capable when it comes to tech options. Or, it may just be incredibly cool (and functional) that appeals to the "20 something" in all of us. Whatever the approach, we will try to highlight these products and the benefits they offer.

We'll look forward to your feedback as we re-engineer.

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